Yoga Nidra. Psychology. Meditation. Philosophy.

Sharing knowledge and practices of the subtle essence of Yoga

Core Philosophy


Every change starts with awareness of patterns within the body-mind complex, life journey, and nature of existence.


This enhanced awareness, combined with consistent practice, leads to awakening of intuitive knowledge and creativity.


The applied wisdom of inner experience and outer expression leads to a holistic transformation at all levels.

Online Courses

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7-day Yoga Nidra Immersion

Self-Paced | Pre-recorded

A structured, progressive course to experience and deepen knowledge of the philosophy, science, and practice of Yoga Nidra.

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The Science of Sleep

Self-Paced | Pre-recorded

An online masterclass on using Yoga Nidra as a tool for relaxation, positive intention, and enhancing the quality of sleep.

Online Sessions

Monthly Satsanga

(Date to be announced)

Deepen your knowledge and connect with like-minded seekers

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Teacher Training

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100-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

A transformative course aimed at exploring the deeper layers of the mind to access healing, creativity, and insight. The inner work naturally creates space for effectively teaching Yoga Nidra to other seekers.

(Dates to be announced)

Students' Transformation

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I have had the pleasure of attending Shobhit’s workshop on Yoga Nidra and gained immense understanding of the practice and the technique which I believe is a life long learning. He's knowledgeable and very approachable. He's the best to initiate & introduce anyone to Yoga Nidra.

- Wellness Entrepreneur