Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Yogic Counselling (1-on-1)

Offering a listening ear, lifestyle counselling, and spiritual guidance to those seeking a non-judgmental and therapeutic space for self-expression, clarity, and growth.

The methodology is 1-on-1 talk therapy with emphasis on introspection, lifestyle, and yogic practices. The process includes a holistic approach using the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Psychology.

The sessions are aimed at improving physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness - to foster resilience and healthy coping mechanisms.

NOTE - Marital and relationship challenges are out of scope for the counselling.


• Anyone keen on enhancing their quality of life and wellbeing.

• Yoga practitioners interested in living yoga as a way of life.

• Yoga teachers seeking mentorship on personal and professional growth.

• Seekers looking to dive deeper into self-enquiry and spiritual evolution.


Duration - 45 mins

Fee - Rs. 1275 / 50 USD