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Image by Naman Sood

Tantra - The Path of Shiva & Shakti

As a preparation for Maha Shivaratri, I invite you to be part of an experiential workshop on Tantra and dive deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos, energy, and the mind.

Contrary to the distorted version of Tantra’s sensual interpretation, these sessions will open your perspective to the essence of traditional Tantra - a path most suitable for the householder.


The workshop is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to connect with divine energy.



  • Philosophy of Tantra

  • Mantra, Yantra, Mandala

  • Synthesis of Yoga & Tantra

  • Chanting of Shiva Mantras

  • Tantric Meditation



  • Option to alternate between the slots as per your schedule

  • Certificate of participation (100% attendance required)

13th - 17th February • Mon - Fri

Morning Batch: 11am - 12noon IST
Evening Batch: 6pm - 7pm IST
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