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The Science of Sleep

An online masterclass on using Yoga Nidra as a tool for relaxation, positive intention, and enhancing the quality of sleep.

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A good night’s sleep is integral for wellbeing, but our fast-paced modern lifestyle and daily stressors have impacted sleep drastically. 

India is the 2nd most sleep-deprived country, 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder, and about 51% of adults worldwide report getting less sleep than they need.

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on physical health and state of mind, which affects our relationships, focus, creativity, and performance at work.

But, is there a tool that can be an antidote to modern stress levels and sleep deprivation? Yes, and the answer lies in the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.

The traditional aim of Yoga Nidra is to cleanse the mind and prepare for meditation, but one of its core areas of application in the modern setting is deep relaxation - a precursor for sound sleep.

Join this online masterclass (pre-recorded) to learn how you could use Yoga Nidra as a tool for relaxation, positive intention, and improve the quality of sleep.

Course Elements


• History and Philosophy of Yoga Nidra
• Importance of Sensory Withdrawal
• States of Consciousness
• Neuroscience of Relaxation
• Principles of Sleep Hygiene
• Power of Intention (Sankalpa)
• Breakdown of 6-stage Yoga Nidra Practice
• Application of Yoga Nidra for Sleep


• 60-minute Video Lecture (pre-recorded)
• 30-minute Practice Audio (with Sankalpa)
• Lifetime Access to Video and Audio
• Certificate of Participation (on request)
• Free Access to a LIVE Community Session (Q&A, Group Discussion, Guided Practice)

Sleep like a baby!

Make yoga nidra a part of your wellness journey.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Students' Experience

Lakshmi Sriram.jpg

Lakshmi Sriram, Yoga Teacher

The course helped me understand the fundamentals of Yoga Nidra and build up a strong self-practice. The entire immersion has a lifetime access and the pricing is very nominal for the depths that the course has to offer.



Shobhit Raj is a Yoga educator from the Satyananda Bihar Yoga tradition - the pioneer of Yoga Nidra. After an awakening in the form of an accident, Shobhit’s journey of transformation began in 2010 and there has been no looking back.
He specialises in Advanced Yoga Nidra and Meditation practices. Apart from Yoga, he derives his insights and learning from Vipassana, Ayurveda, Tantra, Psychology, and Neuroscience.
As an active proponent of Yoga, he has conducted classes, workshops and trained teachers across India, Europe, and the USA. He also facilitates workshops on Mindfulness, Emotional Wellbeing, and Philosophy.

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