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Karma Yoga Masterclass

The Path of Excellence through Conscious Action

Key Features

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1-hour Masterclass

Learn traditional insights with practical application in modern life

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30-day Access

Study anytime and revise chapters as per your convenient timing

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Personal Guidance

Clarify doubts, ask questions, and connect with Shobhit via E-mail


“Yogaḥ Karmasu Kauśalam”
Yoga is Skill in Action

- Bhagavad Gita (2:50)



Shobhit Raj is a Yoga educator from the Satyananda Bihar Yoga tradition. After an awakening in the form of an accident, Shobhit’s journey of transformation began in 2010 and there has been no looking back.
He specialises in Advanced Yoga Nidra and Meditation practices. Apart from Yoga, he derives his insights and learning from Vipassana, Ayurveda, Tantra, Psychology, and Neuroscience.
As an active proponent of Yoga, he has conducted classes, workshops and trained teachers across India, Europe, and the USA. He also facilitates workshops on Mindfulness, Emotional Wellbeing, and Philosophy.

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