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Online Workshop

Foundational Pranayama

An immersive workshop to learn the science of breath, energy, and the nervous system.

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Foundational Pranayama

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Time is TBD

Online Workshop

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Breath is the basis of life and reflects the underlying essence of our health, mental state, and energy. The beauty of the breath is that it happens as an involuntary activity, but can also be controlled voluntarily. 

Ancient yogis studied the rhythms of nature and observed that controlling the breath impacts longevity and quality of life. But, the rhythm of our fast-paced and stressful modern lifestyle has led to erratic schedules, declining health, dissipated state of mind, and the reason is incorrect breathing patterns.

This workshop will help you understand the science and practice of Pranayama.


- Anatomy of Subtle Body

- Nuances of Prana

- Physiology of Breathing

- Pranayama Techniques

- Practice Guidelines


- Regular Asana practice (>3 months)

- Sound physical and mental health

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