Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Mantra Chanting & Meditation Classes

The masters have said that chanting the names of the divine is the best sadhana for kali yuga, the modern times.

Mantras are not limited to religious archetypes. They are a profound tool to connect to the subtle vibrations within and invoke divine qualities. Chanting is the most effective way to calm a dissipated mind and connect to higher consciousness. 

These sessions are aimed at cultivating chanting as a personal practice, improving enunciation of mantras, and refining breath awareness. The classes will also include meditative practices of relaxation and concentration to work on the deeper dimensions of the mind.


• Ongoing asana & pranayama practice.

• Sound physical and mental health.

• No drop-ins, as consistency is encouraged to progress.

• No reimbursements and carry-over of classes to next month.